Metal surface finishing with expertise

Steelhouse Group Ltd is a professional in the surface finishing of noble metals, structures and parts. We have surface-finished different kinds of structures, products and parts with quality for over 30 years for the needs of our customers in Finland and abroad.

The treatment techniques of metal

The surface finishing of metal can be done as a manual job, mechanically or automatically. The treatment method that we choose depends on the object and its requirements. Our metal treatment techniques include:

  • grinding
  • brushing
  • polishing
  • glass blasting
  • patination
  • pickling (acidification)

We treat HST, RST, Ti, CU, AL and MS materials.

On this page, you can find out about the techniques that we use and what kinds of objects they are suited to.

We will be happy to provide guidance and further information about our surface finishing methods.

Treatment of metal as manual work

Manual work has traditionally been one of our strengths. On the manual work line, we serve all fields of industry in a diverse way. Our grinding treatments encompass everything from small cast pieces to pieces weighing dozens of tons. As manual work, we grind, brush and polish items including the following:

  • Paper and pulp manufacturing machines, pulp pumps
  • Process pipework insides and parts
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry machines
  • Pharmaceutical containers, both the insides and outsides
  • Pumps, fans and turbines
  • Turbine blades and propellers

Mechanical surface finishing of metal

The aim of mechanisation is to bring together the professional skill of the grinder and the power of the machine into an effective combination. We offer a comprehensive range of mechanised surface finishing services for our customers. We grind, brush and polish items including the following:

  • Tank ends and sleeves
  • Large pipes and profiles
  • Thick sheets
  • Round pipes and bars (Dmax = 2,000 mm, Lmax = 8,000 mm)
  • Tank ends and sleeves (Dmax =3,000 mm, Lmax = 12,000 mm)

Automated metal grinding

Automatic grinding, brushing and polishing bring efficiency and uniform quality to many different products. Through automation, we can offer our customers cost-effectiveness for large batches. We treat items, such as round and square pipes, automatically.

  • Drags and profiles
  • Sheets
  • Round pipes and bars (Dmax = 168.3 mm, Lmax = 8,000 mm)
  • Square pipes and drags (MAX = 400 x 400 mm, Lmax = 12,000 mm)
  • Sheets: MAX = 6,000 x 1,500 x 10 mm

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